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In the sophisticated advertising market, smart consumers expect retailers to have an online presence, and it's even more true when it comes to expats and international professionals.

Huge market

With established projections of 2% growth per year, it's safe to say in today there's around 200 millions of professionals working abroad. (Source:

Classifieds are popular

Classified ads are amongst the most popular activities among internet users. In a survey from 2010, in the US, 53% - more than half of the internet users - use it to "Use online classified ads or sites like Craigslist" (Source:

Affluent User Group

Many expatriates earn a high income. The average annual income of British expatriates was £67,000 (~€80,000) in 2007, or 43% above the UK average (NatWest IPB Expat Wealth Ranking Survey, 2007). More than 30% of expats earn expatriate salaries in excess of £100,000 (~€120,000) per year (HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, 2008).In addition to their salaries, many expat also receive special expatriate benefits that go significantly beyond the benefits of other employees. Expats spend 22% more on shopping than in their home country. (Source: )


Special Introductory Offers

Tailor your collaboration with according your company size, geographical reach and budget and other needs. Simply submit the form to the top right of this page and let us get back to you at your convenience.

Official Partner

Are you a global brand or a local business in the city? Are you country-wide or do you have branches in specific target cities in Europe? We understand that all businesses are unique and we are committed to provide a Partnership to fit your unique needs.

Official Partners are driven by excellence and are either top of their field or well on their way up to the top. Official Partners understand international professionals are a highly prioritized customer base and express it by being committed to provide goods and services of highest quality.

Official Partners enjoy a bespoke medium-to-long term cooperation for which they are rewarded with very high value. works actively to add new ways to help their Official Partners and their brands reach higher value and unique positioning on the market. Official Partners are guaranteed access to the most value-adding strategic positioning on all online and offline activities offers.

Tailored solutions

Do you wish to build a promotion with specific start and finish date or would you like to make seasonal offers? Are you interested in seeing what you could get for your budget or is your need to reach a certain number of views of your promotion?

Tailored solutions are for organizations with specific requirements without committing to a longer term cooperation at the moment. Contact us, uou might be surprised of how we can help you.

Brand Association

Associate your brand with manually controlled, high quality content from a trusted platform - all content is manually controlled and regulated, ensuring false accounts, spam-like or otherwise inappropriate ads are actively enforced, more info in our Real Information Policy.aspx and our Terms Of Use.

Affluent Audience 

Expats and international professionals are affluent, well-educated and internet savvy social group who have standards and expectations above average. At, our vision is to meet these standards and expectations to create a loyal, desirable and engaged audience.

Guaranteed Audience 

As one of our offers, campaigns on can be purchased as a guaranteed number of impressions projected towards our audience in all our advertising mediums.

Reach Consumers 24/7

Let the consumer decide when it is convenient for them to engage with your business.


Campaigns can be purchased to reach a mass audience by incorporating other sites within the Postmedia network or can be highly specific in their targeting parameters to reach niche audiences (ie. content, geographic, time of day, domain, etc.).

Measurable Results

All our ads are tracked by internal measuring system which provides detailed performance reports on all campaigns. Use the reports to verify campaign delivery, track campaign effectiveness or to test different creatives, product offers or targeting parameters to see which generate the best results.

Unbeatable Value

With a wide range of standard products to offer in addition to a variety of custom opportunities, can accommodate virtually any budget. All campaigns include ad serving costs, detailed performance reports and unparalleled creative courtesy of our design team.

Customer Service

Your time is limited. We offer a support team of Digital Specialists who will help execute the best online advertising campaign for your budget.  

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