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What are cookies?

Cookies are small information text files sent to you by websites you visit to be stored on your computer in order to track user behaviour and login sessions.

Without cookies, for example, it would not to be able to remember you are logged in, your website preferences, or what you have put into your shopping basket (with a small technical reservation that it could be possible but would require much more complicated solutions).

There are two kinds of cookies, session and persistent. The session cookies are deleted as soon as you leave the website, and the persistent cookies stay for a timespan even after you left.

More info on persistent cookies:
More info on session cookies:

Third Party cookies

Third party cookies are not sent to you by this website but by affiliate programs and partners who use a website as an intermediate medium to display their content or ads, and use cookies to identify you to privide relevant content based on your browsing history.

Cookies on this website

The cookies used on this website are:

Native cookies:
  • ASP.NET Session cookies for functionality optimisation reasons
  • Membership framework of ASP.NET which are persistent, encrypted cookies which allows the website to keep you logged in in a secure way all through your website session and allows the website remember you when you re-visit so you don't have to log in each time

Third-party cookies:
  • Google Analytics cookies: ARE implemented by this website at the present moment. Google Analytics is a website management tool that is implemented on millions of websites across the world, Google uses the information gathered for commercial purposes, read more Google's privacy policy is available at: 
  • Social media "Like" or "Follow" buttons: These buttons send information to their respective websites of you wishing to stay in touch with us. The information you provide is most likely used by these third-party websites for internal and commercial use, you can visit each of these website to see what their policies are.
  • Google AdSense cookies: NOT implemented by this website at the present moment, but will probably be soon, so FYI: Google collaborates with millions of websites to track individual behaviour by cookies to display content or ads that reflect your interest patterns. You can view and change your personal settings of this tracking at:, and you can opt-out of Google AdSense program here: Be aware that opting out of the AdSense program puts a cookie on your computer so Google can identify you as a not-to-track individual, so if you delete all your cookies on your computer, you will be tracked again when visiting a website with AdSense.

How to block cookies from being stored on your computer

Here are links as to how to change your cookie settings to manage or refuse accepting cookies, should you so wish:

About this Cookie Policy

This cookie policy is put forward to comply with EU and international regulations on privacy and customer care, and because it's not more than fair to let users know what they are to expect when they visit

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