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Introduction's approach regarding the information you as a Expat user or Member is to share with us is a bond of trust which we wish to cherish and safeguard. We are committed to ensure that we have the appropriate technology to safeguard and protect your information. We will always treat the information you provide with the utmost care and not hand out your information to third parties without your explicit consent unless a transfer of this kind is imposed by or by virtue of a law, a decree or a court order.

Information you share

Your full Profile page and see all the information you share as Member is only available to other Members who have gained Member status after manual validation.

When people view ads without being logged in, only your first name and the initial from your last name will be displayed as ad poster, along with a minuscule 16-20px high thimbnail of your preferred Profile picture, if you have uploaded one.

Registration on is entirely a volontary act subject to the regulations of in this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy and you largely decide what kind of information you wish to share.

However, as is to be a network where trust between members is a cornerstone, we strongly encourage to provide as much information as possible.

The information you provide is not as much for us as for the person who is contacting you, or you are contacting, to establish that there's a real person behind the communication.

We may occasionally ask for your opinion regarding our site in a poll, an email or similar. Any information you provide will be most helpful to us for the future.

Information we gather

We will only collect data from visitors in a way that is according to current laws and reculations and where the data acquired will be used for your ultimate benefit to give you an enhanced experience and future website development directions.

We gather, where applicable and possible:

  • IP addresses, time, date and, where possible, geotracking, mostly through Google Analytics and we also seek to map out behavioral patterns for visitors as a means to understand our visitors better and have solid foundation for improvements on the website.
  • We gather information about what browser you use, what version, and your computer OS
  • The search engine or website used to arrive to
  • We save your ad search field to serve you more relevant search results, content, advertisements on the website.
  • Any pages consulted on over a relevant period of time

Cookie Policy

Please read all about how we use cookies and how we apply privacy rules in our Cookie Policy page

Email Privacy Policy

We are committed to respect your privacy, which means that you should never, ever feel that you get unsolicited communication from us, our partners or other third parties. If you at any point feel our communications are invading your privacy we'd be happy to adjust our behaviour, just let us know by emailing us at and, where so possible, change your email settings.

Emails from us to you

General emails: The Newsletters and Official Communications will be measured in frequency and provide a high quality of content.

Emails from Ads postings: Emails can only be sent from other Members registered on, which guarantees that both sender or receiver have been going through registration process and minimizes the risk for unsolicited emails. However, as anywhere else in life and business, the wrong people can be in the right place, so be vigilent and do please contact us at first sight of suspicious communication.

Emails from Ad Notificatons: You will only receive Ad Notification emails when an ad is posted with the criterias you have specified you wish to be notified about, i.e. if you have stated keywords "Samsung S3" and specified location in Brussels, Belgium, you will receive notifications only if the ad Header contains any or both of these two words.

Emails from you to

We keep all email an internal message system communications for later reference and to respond to them in the most appropriate way.

Offensive, inappropriate or objectionable behavior

If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any service, may use your personal information to stop such behaviour.

Where the reasonably believes that you are or may be in breach of any applicable laws, may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties and/or or law enforcement agencies about the content and your behaviour.

Who may use

Private persons: Anybody may browse the public pages of, but Membership requires individuals over 18 years of age. If you are under 18, please get an adult to post any content you wish for you. If you are under 18 and still sign up, we will discontinue your account as soon as we find out.

Businesses: Legal entities with a valid VAT number who commits to excellence in the dealing with our Members are more than welcome to apply for becoming an " Expat-Friendly Business" and be in our "yellow pages" for your city or country.

User's responsibility

effective protection is naturally only possible if you yourself take the necessary measures to protect your private life. With regard to using services organised by or on the orders of the federal Administration as part of e-government, you must: supply complete, accurate and truthful information  duly monitor the confidentiality of any user data such as passwords so that this data remains accessible only to you.

This means that it must comprise at least 8 characters combining both letters and other characters, which are placed in an order which cannot be easily discovered. Each user is personally liable in the event of discovery and/or abuse of a password which has not been composed in accordance with these rules; send through valid and usable contact information so that you can be contacted within a reasonable period of time and in a reasonably confidential way.

Other Member's data

When perusing other member´s profiles or when connecting with another Member you will gain access to their personal information. Please use this information with utmost care and do not misuse it, for example by providing it to other persons without their consent. Members that you are connected with may however view the public profiles of other connected members.

You are requested to refrain from sending unsolicited messages, such as spam, chain letters and junk-emails to other members.

Any suspicious behaviour discovered by our system or reported to us by other users will be enquired and if a misuse is discovered, will take appropriate actions that can extend to Member exclusion from

Rights of access and correction

You are entitled to access your personal data and correct it, you may do so at any time under you "Edit Profile" page when logged in as a Member on

You are entitled to receive all data stored about you on The cost for this procedure is €20 and will be sent to you by email as a compressed file as soon as possible, please allow a week from payment received for delivery.

Summary of how we use your data

We use the data gathered for:

  • For improving
  • To enhance your user experience
  • To feature relevant content, results, links to relevant businesses and advertisments
  • For improving customer service
  • To process transactions such as online payments
  • To send periodic emails
  • To administer polls, contests, promotion, special offers or any other site feature

Changes to Privacy Policy

Any change of Privacy Policy will be notified by email to all Members at least 48 hours prior to implementation.


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We wish you a pleasant stay at, have a great day!

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