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Real Information Policy

Dear visitor, user or Member, is committed to providing its Members a high quality network with high quality content to create an environment of trust in which Members and Businesses feel comfortable making deals.

To achieve this, we require of Members and Businesses that their personal and contact information is correct, and that the estimation of the goods and services they advertise are fairly described and not hiding faults and errors.

As a sign of our commitment to providing a high quality network with high quality content, all Membership applications and Ads are subject to manual review before accepted or published unless otherwise stated. This means minimizing (but of course not eliminating) the risk for fake accounts or goods and services who don't meet the high standards of our Policies.

Offences against this Policy can lead to measures from, including termination of Membership and banning of IP address.

Rest assured, we work constantly to find and implement more ways to make your experience safer and more pleasant.

Thank you for visiting,

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